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OMG @lovingtanofficial is the best tan I've used! Went on so smooth and no patches, I have naturally fair skin so was impressed how much it took to my skin, feel like I've been in the sun! #faketan #love#amazing #lovingtan #dark #sun


First time using ultra dark and I can’t even explain how happy I am with the outcome! Thank you for creating such a beautiful tan and vegan friendly! Ugh can’t go wrong! My new holy grail tan product, love loveloveee!


My first time using Loving Tan Ultra Dark and I was definitely satisfied. I have very very pale skin so to come out with such a natural dark color!

@Lindsay D

Hi! I absolutely LOVE the deluxe bronzing mousse in Ultra Dark. I naturally have very porcelain white skin and prefer to be tanned... I have been using self tan since I was 15 (now 24) meaning I have tried almost every tan on the market in search of finding the perfect one.. I can easily say that Loving Tan is by far the best tanning product on the market. It ticks all boxes from color, non-harmful ingredients, ease of application, smell and how long it lasts and fades. I always receive so many compliments on how lovely my tan is and people are always really shocked to hear that it's not real! I always say: it's Loving Tan, its incredible you have to try it! So I just want to say thank-you again for the millionth time! Your tan is amazing and I'm always really proud to let everyone know that I use Loving Tan xx


I must thank you for creating such an amazing product! I have used so many tans, but none can compare to yours Loving Tan! Yours smells amazing, it dries super fast. I can apply the ultra dark an hour before bed and confidently go to sleep on white sheets knowing my tan will not stain my sheets or clothes. I have done this numerous times, on slik, cotton and woolen sheets and it has not stained once. I can see my skin getting darker within minutes.*Yours does not go patchy, it has no orange tint like other tans I have used. *When I apply it to much face it does not make my face go oily or make me break out in acne ( I had that problem with other tanning products, they would make me break out in acne ) *I can still use my facial moisturizers, facial cleaners, body lotions and body washes everyday without them effecting the tan. *It does not sweat off when I go to the gym! I train every night and it hasn’t come off once, which is majorly pleasing!!!!!! *It does not come off when you apply tanning oil over it, honestly the tanning oil gives your beautiful tan an extra glow. 100% chlorine (pool) and beach resistant. *It lasts a full 7 days on me. *I love the different shades of tan you have, they’re all fantastic and great for different occasions. *Honestly, I can confidently wear white clothes when I go out to an event and not worry my tan is going to stain my white clothes. I go to a lot of concerts and clubbing a lot, which means my clothes are always rubbing against my body. I wear a lot of bright and white colors for hours on end! Not once have I got home and seen my tan has rubbed off onto my clothes. Definitely one satisfied customer, I will not turn back to another tanning product after using yours. You have me for life! Everyone who asks me or knows me, knows I'm a girl who has tried nearly every tan available, and I will forever and always highly recommend your gorgeous tan since discovering it. And for me, your tan is a lot better than a lot of the spray tans you get in the salons. Thank you Loving Tan, you have definitely created a tan that is meant for the God's

@Krystal B

I came across Loving Tan a couple of years ago and it’s been like my second skin since. I worked for a media management company and I put all my clients onto Loving Tan as I wanted them to love it as much as I do. I get a little bit of anxiety if I’m down to one or two bottles... I have not used anything else.. I LOVE LOVING TAN!

@Sara F

My favorite product is Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse in Ultra Dark. I have never had results like these before with any other product and I have tried everything! It is my must have product and makes me feel really confident in myself. As I am naturally pale and cannot tan, Loving Tan gives the illusion that I am naturally dark because it's so natural and doesn't throw an orange or yellow hue. I believe proof is in the pudding and this product is going to revolutionize the tanning industry. It is very easy to apply, and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, in fact it makes it softer and soothes it! Thank you Loving Tan for making me look like a bronzed goddess! X

@Skye P

The ultra dark mousse as it's such a perfect bronze color - no yellow or orange!! I have very fair skin and have trouble getting a tan that suits me. This one looks so natural and actually goes dark in one application! It is also so quick drying and fades beautifully! Can't get enough if it! x


Loving Tan makes the best sunless tanners on the market… and trust me, I’ve tried them all! Normally I am very fair (too fair for most foundations) but I always feel more confident with a tan. I've tried almost every self-tanner, from drugstore to high-end, and this Ultra Dark tanning mousse from Loving Tan is one of the very best! Highly recommend it!


….the most amazing fake tan ever!!


Oh my gosh thought I’d show you guys how good my skin looks after using your deluxe tanning mousse in ultra dark. Jeez I’m usually so fair and now I’m all tan for the holidays ! Thank you so much guys I’m in love


I'm not sure if you guys accept customer feedback from Instagram but I just wanted to share a photo of me after applying the deluxe bronzing mousse in Ultra Dark - honestly the best tanning product I have ever tried, it’s never orange and such a natural shade of brown. Thank you for this amazing product xx


Love the ultra dark mousse. This is literally the best fake tan I have ever bought! It smells amazing! I recommend it to ALL my friends!


I use Loving Tan and I am so impressed with it, it's the best fake tan I've tried so far! Can’t believe the difference it makes…. My new ultimate favorite tanning product.

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