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I’ve tried so many different tans and all I have to say is WOW! This tan is so amazing!


I've been super busy lately and don't always get the time in the sun to get the requested tan I need for jobs, so I decided to try @lovingtanofficial to get the healthy natural looking tan I need and it works a treat!


No filter necessary when it comes to this amazing tan from @lovingtanofficial | #lovingtan #tan #bikini #fresh #feeling #ultradark


Tanned with the amazing Loving Tan this morning! It comes out sooooo even and natural looking, just as good as the tan I would get after 2/3 soli sessions. So happy to find a fake tan I actually love, it’s the first fake tan I’ve used in years and its streak free, alcohol/paraben fee – AND it actually smells good! Not to mention it’s a lot safer than me using the solarium.


I got recommended this tan by a few of my friends and honestly the best depth of colour tan I’ve used. Amazing stuff. Definitely my new favourite. Everyone get out there and buy this stuff! Comes in all different shades and comes in 2HR and 8 hr.


Sooo happy to finally find a tan that I’m in love with! Loving Tan is the BEST tan ever – its SO dark.


This ones for all the girls! I get a lot of questions about tanning and this product is the best I’ve come across in my years of tanning. I use the express 2hour tan which you can easily apply yourself. This is the only DIY tan I’ve found that can go as dark as a salon spray tan (even in 2 hours). It also the most natural looking I’ve come across (cocoa bronze not orange). You’ll get at least 5 full body applications out of 1 bottle #lovingtan #bronzed


If you haven't tried loving tan yet, then you’re missing out!! Best self tanning product I've ever used I guarantee once you try loving tan you'll never go back!


I just wanted to let you know that your product is hands down the best I have tried. It’s the only one I’ve found that lasts well on my skin and doesn’t go patchy or gross after a few days. I always feel so confident wearing your tan, the colour is so nice! It’s the best thing I’ve done!

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