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@lovingtanofficial is the best fake tan I've ever had! The result is really awesome! I can't get enough of it! We love your products


Thank you Loving Tan for the amazing product! I used the medium 2hour express deluxe mousse and I am so happy with the result! I will definitely be recommending it to my friends!


Forgot to share my before and after with my @lovingtanofficial from last weekend! As you can see the results were incredible, I went from white to dark real quick and I'm in love with it! I wouldn't ever go back to anything else, I'm hooked! #lovingtan #amazing #inlove


First go with @lovingtanofficial My self tan results after minutes #selftan #tantime #getbrown


I’m obsessed hehe… before and after @lovingtanofficial 2hr express mousse in medium . So um yeah I'm a bit pale naturally...


Loving Tan literally saved me from a white Christmas!


I'm very fair so sometimes I feel like my legs and body need color. I've tried spray tanning and I hated it because once it wears off it comes off in blotches and tanning lotions get messy and feel sticky. I had heard great reviews from @lovingtanofficial a few of my fav beauty bloggers and I always trust their recommendations so I decided to try this bronzing mousse out. Let me just say how easy it is to apply it. It doesn't smell, it doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky and the best part is that it doesn't leave you looking orange! It's honestly the best tanning product I've tried. The left pic (taken in daylight) is a comparison of one leg without and the other with the bronzing mousse. I used the medium shade bc I didn't want to go super dark from one day to the next but if you like that, they have darker mousses you can try. I took the right pic today but it was dark already


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